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Our Story, 2021-23

In early 2021, I came up with the idea to create Minecraft servers for people to enjoy. I created two servers. The first is a mini game server and the other an SMP with lots of plugins.

After months of learning all I could about Minecraft servers, I was ready to share what I learned. Since then, my focus has been two-fold. I want to provide an exciting gaming platform and I want to help others people create their own Minecraft servers. I have added a live chat for that purpose.

From Minecraft content, I started to make merch, including apparel, to sell on my website. I now can offer Minecraft server hosting to others. Sadly not anymore since 2021. RIP. Even more, I strive to provide fast Minecraft server hosting, along with full support. Still. Just no more hosting.

Check out my live chat, if you are new to servers for Minecraft. As long as I have players/ site visitors, I will maintain this site. 

Cash R.

Now the site has moved on from Minecraft server hosting, and our servers, to apparel, free live support and email support at multiple emails and pages, live weather/news but mostly weather, our own online free social media site online, apparel of all types and styles, gaming equipment, articles/blogs, and so much more. We are moving on!