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Verified accounts badge/content creators! To purchase if you don't want to earn it, scroll to bottom of page. Scroll down to bottom for page, and for link to purchase page. Read all details, and paragraphs.


What does a site verified badge do? Also purchase monthly benefits from our 1 purchase able not earned badge from our Cash Richard pink subscription, and or apply badge/verified badge and get more and also benefits. New badges/features/updates, page last updated 2/27/23.


A site verified badge is a look on your profile that makes you stand out, and get priority over the other accounts, whether it comes to our social platform or site. There are 6 types of site badges, and 5 types of verified site badges, and 1 badge you get automatically for creating an account with an original username, more info below at and towards the bottom of this and all paragraphs below. This is included in the 6 badges in total. But 4 you earn, 1 you buy, and one you can apply for if it was taken away because you automatically get it when creating an account with an original username and or appropriate that resembles you etc. You can buy the buyable badge, or A.K.A the Cash Richard pink subscription, then also apply for a badge, and if you already have a badge, or don't, you can apply for badges even if you have one, the point being you can have multiple if your contact request gets accepted if you apply for one or more of the badges below! They are all a decent amount for status, but of course that's the point, that's why there's a name to it, also a lot for benefits like Twitter blue. We actually had this original idea with some inspiration and the opinion that ours is better. We just recently as of 2/7/23 / 2/10/23 we changed it to monthly and cheaper, but I guess in the long term more it is more expensive, but the badge that you can purchase is way better than before that's why we changed it and the way you can buy it. We also changed and added the name of it Cash Richard pink. But status is everything, and you need to show your standpoint on where you are on the site, and also shows your not just some spam account especially on the social site, and we all know from previous sites that verified everyone how much of a disaster it was, but on our site we don't make our badge make it so you can change your name etc., verified stands out and it will make people want to know more about you, and your profile, because your easier to discover, stand out, and are more legit and dedicated to the site and social site, and what you do off the site if its not the purchased badge and a real verified badge. The payed option, A.K.A Cash Richard pink is the same as being verified, besides your status, affiliation with us, full priority on contacting, and the badge saying "purchased" so people will know your not a creator, or a veteran on the site if you have the non purchased badge, and if you purchased it, it wont be as special, but its just as good of a feeling, and people still recognize you, and especially over the people badge less. People badges can be bots, bad people, etc. So create a good reputation for your self, and this is step 1. The full benefits listed for the purchase check mark, and all verified badges here. Scroll down past benefits, to the next paragraph/paragraph space/new start if you want to learn which badge to apply for, what they do, the name, all the badge less you can apply for, or re apply for, and at the bottom of the page under the form where you can click the button and go to the purchase page for the 1 purchasable badge aka the Cash Richard pink subscription. A few benefits when it comes to money will be different from the verified badge, and verified purchased badge. All badges mostly the same benefits site wise, but they have different status benefits and how your account/partnership with us is presented because if you apply and get accepted for a non purchasable badge it shows you are a partner with us, notable, official creator that followed the long steps before applying, known somewhere else, and your badge will say something different therefor people will notice you more and your status will be better for an earned verified badge than a purchased badge. This could be for example if we have an online event, only the application verified creators/non purchased badges people would get to participate in opportunity's like this, and opportunity's on the site. This is the only difference between the badges, status, and how you work with us. You get all of the same site benefits. The benefits are priority email contact if you are signed in with your account on the site from the contact form our/page, priority live chat contact if you are logged in with proof for this one especially, and making sure your logged in and your secure account pin once you created one on your account info, go create one now we suggest, if busy, but not guaranteed, invites to test/private password pages/members pages on the site that you will be emailed that only a few people have access to, you legally cannot share the passcode or we will take your badge/subscription away, change the password, and or take legal action if necessary. We will email you steps, information, and passcode with legal instructions of what not to do, who not to share it with, etc if we do an event like this. You also get access to private articles/blogs post when we do that sometimes, you will be emailed if we do a link. Or you can check the page frequently. This one is only for the purchased badge, not the rest of the verified members/accounts for now. You also get account priority loading time and site loading time when logged in for the most part, but we are still working on this, and making sure to hide our site code/source code properly first. You will also get access to new features first when emailed and emailed i instructions, or sometimes in your account notifications, most of your notifications for these things will be email, but the rest under your account notifications page, where the bell is when signed in, and also in the forum 1/Twitter like forum private/staff category we will make posts there to and sometimes try to @ people. You will also get seasonal badges, this mostly for U.S federal holidays not world wide, you can opted out if your buying this subscription worldwide wide or don't want it by contacting us, but examples of badges like "winter badge" or "Christmas badge" etc. We will email you, and it will be under our forum 1/Twitter like forum private category, and under the notification page on your members/account page notifications. This will start soon. You will also get a say in site design depending on the season also when we email you a survey, or tell you when it's time to contact us and let us know about the site design for most seasons when it comes to the time, or when we email you instructions of how you can let us know. You can also contact us on our contact page or our two emails or We will try our best to do this, and most things listed above constantly, especially for the challenges, and fun challenges and help from you like this. You also get prioritized reporting when you a member, post, or something else on the site/social site, and we will get on your case right away and investigate and contact you if necessary, let you know, and give you credit. You can also do this without having any badges/verified badges. You also get emailed promo codes every few months, but this is only for the verified check mark badge subscriptions purchase, not the real verified earned badges, and remember you can apply to be verified, have the verified badge, or another verified like verified business badge and have the verified purchased badge also! The verified check mark badge is different from the verified earned real badge because it says verified purchased on it with a disclaimer, and information on where people can apply/buy it also. We are adding so many benefits to every earned and the purchased verified badge every month and if subscribed to our subscription, or verified already, we will email you any changes to this page, and any changes to your subscription, or if you are verified earned and have a partnership with us. We have lots more planned to add this month. Updates here, and email if verified, or subscribed.


Verified purchased aka the new name we have for it, Cash Richard pink. the subscription 1/5 that you buy monthly and don't apply for, it has all of the same benefits listed below and above in the and/all paragraphs, texts and even some more/different benefits from the real/apply status creator or known person/business verified badges/creator badges ect the main verified badge. Known person on the site from following the hard apply steps and being a site veteran/being consistent. A creator for us etc. This badge shows your verified but also that you purchased it so you don't get the credit for being a site veteran etc., you understand I hope. The benefits are great, it shows your a legit and pretty dedicated account, it advertises for you on the site, your profile/posts you on the site/social site, and whatever links you self promo, and things in your profile about section and more etc. All verified badges are the same black cut out texture check mark that we changed recently, but its the background that's the color difference of the badge color and text difference ect. Not the actually check mark, just the background and text, also goes for the other badges/official account badge. Scroll down for more info on that and up. All the way down. 


Verified 2/5, main badge, real badge, real verified badge, that you earn and apply for, earn/apply, this badge verified main shows your a legit/real account, that has worked hard, been on the site, or/and a business or well known person for something, and you don't want to be known as a business and just a person, and don't want the business badge we have for you to apply for below if you are a current business, but you want this badge aka why your apply and reading to apply for this verified real badge, or something on the site, or of the site/creator or influencer somewhere else before. It also shows how hard you worked for it on our site if you did not purchase it and earned it, and that you are a collaborator/working with us now once you get that cool checkmark/badge on your account. Visible to everyone, even people without accounts, who ever visits the site, or shares pictures of you, or your profile and on our social online platform/site the most. Free if you earn it and, payed option below but, it will say payed on your badge/verified site badge if you buy it below, info below and above in all paragraphs/texts. If you are a government official with that badge you are also known if you apply and get accepted for that badge below, more info on how and where to apply below in this paragraph. And the benefits are the same but its mostly status things, and make you look better on the site, and more known especially on the social site, and same for other badges but for that if you get that badge that we will tell you via your application response. You also get the code to enter free testing pages on our site, so you can test new features first via email before the page goes public, and the code gets taken of it. You also stand out and get a chance of getting more views on your social media posts, comments, etc. You will be notified via email if a testing page goes out with instructions, legal information, legal, and more. This does depend on how many people are using the site and is not guaranteed. Your badge text does disclose that you purchased instead of earned, and do not work with us as a content creator. Just some information, we might verify you even if you don't meet all requirements, we did not contact you, or even if you don't contact us/apply with the main verified badge/purchased verified badge but more rare for that as its a subscription with a few different stronger benefits, and also this goes for us giving you other badges/verified badges/all of them that we have on the site, and also listed below. There is also a yellow badge, 3/5 which is the business verified badge, which you still have to earn by doing these steps, then once emailing to apply, you will have to submit your company/site proof, proof of ownership, and a few more steps that you have completed all of the steps on our site also, and followed all of our police's etc., for all of our badges, all 5 and we will let you know. This will help your business get identified, and verified as real. Legal. 4/5 Is verified musician, which is basically a verified creator who did all of the steps, but is just a music creator, and when applying you would just let us know after sending us all of the rest of the proof to get verified, then the proof your a music creator, social proof, proof you own it, identification proof, status on the site proof, some posting and status on the site, ect, and whatever else we ask for but not much else since you already earned verified. 5/5 The final verified one for now, but more likely in the future, last updated 2/10/23. Verified government official/account, when applying just say your applying for this badge, say the name, and saw why you want it and especially on our site, and when we respond we will ask for heavier proof than usual because of how serious this badge is. These steps wont be talked much here, but will be emailed back to you when you apply, and you do need to be consistently on the site, and social site more than the other badges on our site, and social site. The 6th you can re apply for if it was taken away, or was never given to you from a glitch, is official account, this is to show the account is the official version/account of their name. So it means there is no duplicate of there username, and if there is they/you are the original name holder, or person with the real name. If there are people with multiple display names, then we can sort this out via email and let you know. Don't worry if you are not contact and if you still have your badge. This is only for people who lost there badge, or some how never got it if it glitched. We are aware multiple names of people being the same are possible for the display name therefor we wont take your badge away unless we think its an issue or notice many dupe accounts. Another reason we could have taken it is because your name is inappropriate, and does not meet our site legal, and TOS, terms of service, and we will contact you and give you a chance to change it before we take action. If you have done these steps, belief it was taken by a mistake, or you where never given it on account sign up then apply for it here below saying the badge name, showing proof of your real name, account originality, a few other details, and we will do a few more steps to verify this and search for similar accounts or take action depending on your issue for this badge etc. If you ever notice a bad account, false username, spam account, or duplicate usernames of the same person, not same name and different person, then contact us on our contact page, or our two emails even if you are not applying for this badge. or These are the benefits for now and they grow as time goes on, and you will be informed if you are a purchaser, on the site, and on this page in the future.


There is also something called the birthday badge which you get if you fill in the account info when creating your account or just having your account and having it public, and we don't list it above because you cant apply for it, and we try out best to give it to everyone who has a public account w