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How to contact us to request account re activation if you have requested account deletion, or if we suspended or banned your account temporarily, or fully deleted and or/reset your account, or made it unable for you to use your email and or number on our site, also how to contact to request to be unsuspended/temporary ban if you cant log in and or if you are having issues.
Please read our TOS, terms of service, and all other/all site policy's, and all added in the future so you can understand our and your legal standpoint, and how we are not liable, and what we are allowed to do, and you, rules, your promise, age, account information public or private etc. Link here to the main policy/one TOS, terms of service/use here. Link will open in separate window.

I want to reactivate my account/certain circumstances where you can, cant, and might be able to, and or if you where punished, deactivated or blocked for a reason, more information and where to contact here.

If you requested account deletion, and 48 hours later after we contacted you we confirmed the deletion, you can still "potentially", legal, recover some account data by attempting to re sign in again with in a month/30 day period of your deletion, and or you can also try to re sign up, and use the same email and/details for a chance of some of your data being recovered. Just note once you request your account to be banned/deleted and wiped to the most extent on the site of your name, account data, and most posts and name on the social site/free service online on Cash Richard social™, you have a chance of everything being deleted for good as this is what it is supposed to happen for the most part/standard and in our polices mostly right away, instead of the 30 day and or 48 hour/2 day and 30 day period. It just depends and depends on the system/service our site, and social service online free, and more/all of our services and account services etc., and how heavy the site traffic is. So once you request deletion all account info, name on posts/most of your posts will be deleted, unused credits/gift cards potentially and or promo codes will be unavailable for the most part, and most of the time, and you will need to create a new account/sign up even if its with the same details to continue using or sign in/up services on the site free, with a chance of recovering some account data and posts with names on it/your name/posts and the name on posts/your posts and comments interactions with other people, messages, etc. all that stuff. Things/posts and info etc. That where never deleted and don't get deleted fully when you go to sign up also have a chance to be recovered, but if you read all of our site policy's, but mainally or this/our social site online free, and all of our services, the TOS, terms of service, stating how we handle most of the time account deleting and what data we still have and what data stays public even with out your name like some posts anonymous etc. You can request these to be deleted if they bother you by contacting us after account deletion with the previous email of your account and some proof steps we eask when you emails/when we email back etc. Just note a presently ban/suspension will result in your account being blocked and unable to log in and re sign up. Your account will also still be discoverable by members sometimes and or if they have your link, your account will just say, "suspended" and be unable to be interacted with. If you are in this situation, and are unhappy, and or for other legal reasons, you can contact us at our two emails, our form, and or our live chat here. All requests are final, this is why when you contact us, we will go through many steps to verify its you when you request deletion, therefore its not our fault if you decide to change your mind even straight after you contact, as we work different speeds daily, it depends.

Where to contact

Reactivation can be requested on our contact page and once you email we will ask you various security/verification questions etc. for our email form, 2 emails, and live chat help center there during our hours & more, & more in the future.

Can you get your account back if you where banned/suspended permanately, or for a temporary amount of time, and or if your email or phone number was and is blocked.

If you where permanently suspended and or banned, same thing, then you can try request this to be undone by contacting us on the help center above, and we will need to go through some steps to prove its you, questions, etc. No guarantees. Usually bans/suspensions are permanent. And account resets /deletions cannot be undone, but can be attempted to be recovered by you, and or you contacting and asking for help with the steps listed above etc. If your account gets deleted after you request, if you get suspended/banned no matter the time or if its permanent, or if your account was and or is blocked for life you, and or any other account issues we find/found we will always email you and notify you more information personally, no automation unless you where unbanned/unsuspended, and especially if you requested account deletion as we would need proof, etc. and also if you where banned/suspended most of the time you will get a reason in the email, and also an email stating if you can appeal and where to etc. For any appeals and or contact issues, we don't have a separate page for just appeals, it is our same contact page with our two emails, contact form, and live chat, and live chat on the bottom right on pc like screen devices, and on mobile and pc on the contact page also for live chat and both emails, and the contact form, and more etc. Link again here.
For any other account issues that do not relate to this, such as log in issues, and more, go to this link here, or in the about us page drop down, look for