Our Minecraft Server Hosting 

We offer free Minecraft server hosting through my website. Check out the option for paid, custom plugins and mods in the newest version, along with ultimate support for cheap! Host for free on the newest version of Minecraft using vanilla features. Your wish is our command with our premium hosting plan. Our server hosting does not have a control panel yet, but we are not just for beginners but we are for anyone that does not need the stress of managing the server. We do anything and everything for you and you can customize things by email or live chat! servicehelp@cashrichard.com

Only purchase or select one of each of the plan so no issues occur in setting up your server! Please wait 3-10 minutes to receive an email back with the steps and your server I.P! To cancel your server plan to either upgrade it, or get rid of it sign in and click this link! https://www.cashrichard.com/account/my-subscriptions