Verified accounts badge/content creators! To purchase if you don't want to earn it, scroll to bottom of page.

What does a site verified badge do? 


A site verified badge is a look on your profile that makes you stand out, and get priority over the other accounts, whether it comes to our social platform or site. This means if you have a contact issue another you will be at the top. It also shows how hard you worked for it on our site if you did not purchase it and earned it, and that you are a collaborator/working with us now once you get that cool check/badge on your account. Visible to everyone, even people without accounts, and on our social online platform. Free if you earn it and payed option below but, it will say payed on your badge. You also get the code to free testing pages on our site, so you can test new features first via email before the page goes public, and the code gets taken of it. You also stand out and get a chance of getting more views on your social media posts, comments, etc. This does depend on how many people are using the site and is not guaranteed. Your badge text does disclose that you purchased instead of earned, and do not work with us as a content creator. Legal. These are the benefits for now and they grow as time goes on, and you will be informed if you are a purchaser, on the site, and on this page in the future.  

How you can earn your verified site badge/content creator status on our site. There is no cost if you earn it, but there is a payed option, and no true benefits that is an advantage over other site accounts, aka people. Legal. You cannot just submit a request by emailing us, you must earn it by following these three steps, then email us with the instructions below. But first, to apply, you need these three requirements. 1 Posted a good amount on each of our social apps on our site that lets you put your own content on, whether a chat, photo, something in forums, both, mostly the main, uploaded a few things in the files, maybe in the image gallery, liked some of our photos over a long span of time of new photos, in the 1 gallery you can upload photos in, and more of a bonus like posting on our social site, and talking to site members, on the members page via the email chat by clicking there name, and going beyond of what we ask, ect, over the span of 2 months consistently. 2 Followed our site TOS, polices, terms and conditions, and privacy policy, all 3 of our policy's, + while using the site, and our social platform on the site, and contributing to our site in the most ways you can. 3 Following all our socials, and keeping consistent on them, and keeping up to date with us and active of our site on those social platforms and engaging the most you can out of everyone!